Sahyog is a concept of Choti Si Khushi through which the youths from different institutions come and join hands with CSK in grooming the children. They come with their innovative visions and inculcate their ideas and build the confidence of the children in the park. Quite often they make teams of sports theatre etc and make the children realise unity and brotherhood. They inspire them to go higher in love Fe and so co-operate them and the organisation in building the society.

Like those youth time to time temporary volunteers too come and give their time to nurture the talents of the children in CSK. Sometimes experts like yoga expert, teachers, scientists, doctors, social leaders.etc visit the centre and contribute from. Their expertise area to enhance the quality of the children.

The opportunity offered by CSK for such type of support from the community people is like “Sahyog” hence a help in building the Nation by the community for the community.