On the occassion of Saraswati pooja cultural event organized by Choti Si Khushi was successfully concluded at the Sector-04 Centre. The event started by lighting the Diya for Saraswati Mata. The students of Choti si khushi enthusiastically took part in the cultural event with their breathtaking performances. We were joined by Rajendra Singh the ACP(rtd) of Dwarka who was given a warm welcome. He encouraged the students and enjoyed all the performances. He explained us the importance of our teachers and parents he further told us why should we respect them and follow their guidelines. The DCP of Dwarka, Mr. M Harshavardhan also joined us and was welcomed by all the children of the NGO with excitement. He distributed medals among the winners of the Sports Event that took place few days back. He inspired all the Children to work hard and assured them that the police is working hard day and night and they can approach the police at any time they want for any kind of aid. The event was concluded with a smile on everybody’s faces. 😊

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